To blame is Ok….??


Has similar dialogues been heard by you at some point of time?  

Boy: it’s because of the other guy,I made the mistake.I took his opinion. Not my fault

Lady: It’s not my fault,the stupid alarm did not rang and I am late.

Husband : I couldn’t come because of traffic .Its not my fault.

Child: My mom forgot to remind me my homework. Its not my fault.

We keep blaming others. We don’t show maturity to really accept and move  with it. Actually people say that if we blame others for our mistakes, we feel relaxed. Does this give any sense to be relaxed??

When you have conflict with people you LOVE most you tend to blame them. Look  within. It is your selfishness that is the cause. You expect people to  dance to your tune; you make demands and impose restrictions on them. This makes them want to break free.

 Love to be self-sufficient. Accept the fact that you are mistaken or guilty . Don’t blame. Be brave enough to atleast walk with your mistakes. 

Analyse your emotions and keep spreading fragrance. ..

imageThere was a man who always  remained happy. He shared smiles and waved other’s in very polite way. No lines of stress or tension ever covered his life. It’s not that he did not have any issues in his life. But he handled them all in very acceptable manner,even he considered  hard times as part of his life journey. He use to analyze situations and react accordingly, he never allowed situations to overload his life.

I meet him and I concluded

” Enjoy every emotions.Analyse your emotions and  control it, dont let them control you. Once you  do that you will be happy in sad mood also..because at that time you know what is your choice to be angry or be sad…not because  of other you  are in this mood. Very complex sentence but once you do this ,you will get to know how you can handle all situations and emotions  around you.”

Be blossemed like flowers…keep spreading fragrance

~Fatema Vanak

Can louder voices prove you RIGHT? ?



In the world, there exists not only good, sincere, honest and responsible people but also who are wicked, dishonest and highly unreasonable. No argument can convince them, no eloquence can persuade them and then you are compelled to defend yourself.  They may attack you without any good cause.
Where arguments go louder understand that they are wrong ,though they wants  to prove Right.

Here is a story telling same.
A meeting was held to discuss about an organization’s employee issues with head of organization. All issues faced by employers were presented to head. But the head was firm not to listen to employers point of view,  instead he started finding faults of employers and their work.
All employers protested to at least listen to them, but the head did not listen. Instead he turned tables on employers, started personal pointing to each for their work and said that he has issues with them. Head considered that his staff was lazy and he stated speaking in a louder tone to neglect the issues of his employees. Head tried hard with his harsh tone to prove himself RIGHT.

Will truth  remain behind doors for long ???
Can the louder tone suppress Truth???
Is it right to use power and position to show fake truths to world ???

Your feedback is welcomed, keep sharing  your words.
~ Fatema Vanak

Love is always the answer


“Love is always the answer”
I came across this quote , instantly giving me many answers to my self generated bunch of problems.( yes we do generate problems for self,though they’re not made for us)

Example:  I unnecessarily made assumptions about my friend that she is least concerned about our friendship,though i  keep trying to be friendly. But  then i  realized that i was wrong, she has faith in me and our friendship more than i thought.

Sometimes we get obessed with lots of unpredictable situations and work. We behave rudely, unable to handle them , hurting not only others but ourselves.
Sometimes only few words like love can reduce  your burden of problems.
I said to myself ” I need. To occupy my mind with just Love & nothing else, if i succeed i have all answers. Don‘t shift love & allow other thoughts to enter my mind and heart. Let the love rule my territory. “

Your words of wisdom and feedback are welcomed. Do contact me for further discussion.
~Fatema Vanak

We have a purpose to live.


Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny
# he has something to fulfill,
# some message to be delivered,
# some work has to be completed.
You are not here accidently,
You are here meaningfully,
There is a purpose behind you,
The world intends to do something through you.

Think over it..


If you are faced with a challenge,or doubt,think over it, If your logic accepts it, accept it. Reason it out, discuss it, think about it in entirely,don’t leave any aspect out. Then do as you like.

The Journey to Destiny..


Dream – We meet
Enjoy – Explore
Smile – Happiness
Love – Care
Words – Feelings
Touch – Kiss
Happy – Happppyyyy
Achieved – Destiny
Move on – Keep going
Patience – Wait for next

We dream  for ultimate goal to be smiling and be happy…  the journey takes to  Destiny. Again we keep going for new dreams.
Caught in a not ending cycle of life…

Your words of opinion and appreciation are welcomed.